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Who Am I?

Hi and welcome to Kaliex, my new blog. My name is Chokri, I write posts about Linux and web technologies, from UI/UX to CI/CD, with security and best practices that I learn from my experiences. I actually work as an IT consulting in Paris, but I’m also freelancer and work around the world. I’m available in Twitter and Mastodon.

What I’m talking about?

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I’m not a designer but user experience is most important part that client must pay intention. You can make a cool website with amazing colors but customers will have issues to have what yoy really want them to do like buying your products.


If you still coding with PHP only or a very old langage instead you are comfortable with it, just grow up!

Today, frameworks are very important to use they contain all the community’s information.

CI/CD & Security

Cool, you have complete you POC and you are really enthusiastic to go into prod. But security issues and bad automations can ruin your business, so take the time to set up with a senior devops engineer.

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