Next GNOME will be 40

GNOME Developers are scheduling to release a 40v version of Gnome. It’s a big jump after v3.8 (37 major releases, but why?) after an interne discussion between core team.

The next version of GNOME, due to be released in March 2021, will be GNOME 40 said Emmanuele Bassi.

The development cycle will be [40.alpha -> 40.beta -> 40.rc] and then after minor release will increment by 1 to be 40.1 -> 40.2 …

Gnome team are actually working to create a hugely popular, user-focused desktop environment for linux OS.

GNOME 40 Aims To Have A Better Extensions Experience

GNOME developer Sri Ramkrishna has provided more context over the “GNOME Extensions Rebooted” initiative. The goal is to reduce the churn and breakage around GNOME Shell extensions following new releases. GNOME Shell extensions experience will be more vibrant and stable.

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