New Features in Elastic Cloud: Elastic Observability and Security for Cloud

Elastic Cloud continues to evolve, offering exciting new features for observability and security in the cloud. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the latest advancements that make Elastic Cloud a must-see for anyone in the cloud computing and observability space.

Fleet: A Unified Agent for Comprehensive Data Collection

One of the standout features of Elastic Cloud is Fleet, a unified agent that simplifies data collection. With Fleet, you can effortlessly retrieve logs, traces, and other essential information.

This unified approach is made possible by technologies like eBPF and OSQuery, which streamline data retrieval and ensure you have all the insights you need at your fingertips.

AIOps with Machine Learning

Elastic Cloud leverages the power of machine learning (ML) to enhance AIOps. ML algorithms enable anomaly detection, alerting you to irregular patterns, spikes in logs, and more.

This means you can stay ahead of issues and proactively address them, thanks to the predictive capabilities of ML.

Significant Log Storage Savings with TSDB

One of the standout advantages of Elastic Cloud is its seamless integration with the Time Series Database (TSDB). This integration brings about a game-changing breakthrough in log data storage efficiency, with users experiencing up to a remarkable 75% reduction in log storage requirements. This translates to substantial savings in both space and resources.

But what makes TSDB so exceptional? It’s the specialized database designed to handle time-series data with unparalleled proficiency. In a cloud environment, where log data accumulates rapidly, efficient storage and retrieval are paramount. The magic of TSDB lies in its ability to compress and index time-series data in a way that optimizes storage usage without compromising data integrity.

New Log Dashboard Resembling LogInsight with ESQL

Elastic Cloud has raised the bar in log data visualization and analysis with the introduction of a brand-new log dashboard that will leave you feeling like you’re in familiar territory. This innovative dashboard bears a striking resemblance to LogInsight, a well-known and highly-regarded log analysis tool in the industry.

from winlog
  | where == ‘windows’
  | where == "powershell.exe"
  | unique process.command_line
  | sort len(process.command_lin) desc
  | limit 3

What makes this new dashboard stand out is its ability to deliver an experience akin to LogInsight while being seamlessly integrated into the Elastic Cloud environment.

This is made possible through the incorporation of ESQL, which stands for Elasticsearch SQL. ESQL simplifies log data queries and visualization, providing a user-friendly interface that is accessible to both seasoned professionals and those new to log analysis.

Elastic Enterprise Search: A ChatGPT-Like Experience with Your Data

Picture this: You can talk to your data as if it’s a helpful friend, just like using ChatGPT. Elastic Enterprise Search (ES) is built to give you this fantastic experience.

Here’s how it works: ES uses a smart technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP). It’s like teaching your computer to understand human language. With ES, you can ask questions and have a conversation with your data. It’s as easy as chatting with a friend.

This means you can find and understand your data without the headaches. No need to be a tech expert. It’s all about making data easy to get and use. ES is like your friendly guide in the world of data, making data retrieval and analysis a breeze.

ESRE: Unleashing AI in Log Analysis

Elastic Search Relevance Engine (ESRE) is a powerful tool that brings an AI-driven experience to log analysis. It provides features like tokenization and classification, making it easier to gain valuable insights from your logs.

These innovations in Elastic Cloud demonstrate the commitment to pushing the boundaries of observability and security in the cloud. With these new features, you’ll be better equipped to manage and analyze your data effectively.

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