Exa a new way to ls your directories

How many times you list files in a directory? Personally, I use it a lot with flags, sorting by name, size and creation date. But, I feel like the official `ls` command has limits.

I want sometimes check the git status of the files list, have icons like IDE, get more informations in the long list.

So, that’s why I switched to exa. Rust based coded ls alternative. It’s available to all operating systems.

After installing exa, I added this line to my zshrc file to alias exa command with a short `l`.

alias l="exa -bFlaHhim --icons --group-directories-first --time-style long-iso --git --git-ignore"

Now, we are able to run exa by running l command to see this beautiful output 🙈

Termux / Android running zsh/exa
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